Achieving orgasm through clitoral stimulation

The main organ that allows a woman to reach the height of her excitement is the clitoris. The degree of pleasure becomes immense in a woman if her clitoris is well stimulated. In the middle of sexual intercourse, the woman gets carried away if she feels happiness. So, how to reach this orgasm?

Excite the clitoris with delicacy

The so-called erogenous part located in the clitoris is excessively sensual. In order to make a woman come sexually, it is necessary to take care of caressing this part with attention. Many men neglect this part of the sexual relationship, and yet it is the gateway. There are some who actually caress the clitoris, but they do it with haste. Before making love to your partner, always take care to gently touch the clitoris to put the woman in ideal conditions.

Why not excite the clitoris with your lips. As a reminder, start the caress with the vulva before approaching the clitoris itself. No lie, women love this. For some women, it is possible to stop only at this stage, because they are already satisfied. For others, penetration and copulation are needed for the pleasure to be total or complete. As far as penetration and movement are concerned, it is a choice that is made according to the vaginal area. In any case, you have to learn to satisfy your partner sexually, it goes without saying.

Conditions for achieving clitoral orgasm

Even while you are having sex with your partner, the clitoris can be excited. However, this depends on the sexual position(s) you adopt. Imagine for a moment the stimulation of the clitoris and penetration happening at the same time! This is so pleasing to the woman, because the pleasure becomes strong and more accentuated. You can try the lotus and lying down positions in order to have access to your partner’s clitoris. Don’t neglect these sexual positions, because they will help you to succeed in your noble mission.